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    Dani Gallagher
    Feb 6 . 2 min read

    Attractions in Vero Beach: Gamer’s Realm

    Some attractions in Vero Beach are more conventional than others. On the next rainy day, you might want to consider making a stop at Gamer’s Realm. The venue is not your typical arcade and has something for everyone.

    About Gamer’s Realm

    Located in the Indian River Mall, Gamer’s Realm has a long list of attractions. For one, they have several escape rooms. Choose your favorite theme and find out if you and your friends or family can get out in time. As you work towards escaping, solve puzzles and look for clues.

    The venue also has a large selection of classic and retro arcade games. With over 2,100 games available, you can find your favorite old game that triggers nostalgia. But for a more modern experience, you could play in the virtual reality room. Transport yourself to another world and get out of reality for a short time.

    Another highlight of the venue are the pinball games. Test your skills against your friends and find out who is the master of pinball. If you’re more interested in modern computer gaming, play on the high-end gaming computers.

    Throughout the year, there are special events held at Gamer’s Realm. Check out their calendar and attend one of the events that peaks your interest.

    Hotels in Vero Beach

    If you’re looking for hotels in Vero Beach, consider the location and your comfort. Give us a call at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites to book your room and start planning your trip.

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