Interesting facts About the People of Vero Beach

Interesting facts About the People of Vero Beach

It’s no secret that Vero Beach is a great place to visit. Whether you’re planning a vacation to the area or are just interested in learning more about the quaint town, continue reading for more insight.

About the City

Vero Beach has a population of about 16,919 people. In the city, there are 23 neighborhoods. It’s a mix of blue-collar and white-collar workers, with many sales office workers and other professionals in the city.

However, the city is also a place for artists. In fact, there are more artists, designers, and media workers in the city than there are in 90% of other American communities. Artists have helped to shape the city, and that’s clear as you walk down the streets.

Being so close to the ocean, the city is also nautical by nature. There are many waterfront activities waiting for tourists to try. You don’t need to go far to see the water.

Unlike many other cities, Vero Beach does not have much traffic. The average work commute is under 20 minutes, which is far less than the national average. Getting around town is easy and quick.

There is a good amount of diversity in the city. As an ethnically-diverse city, Vero Beach has a rich culture. It’s waiting for you to explore it.

If you’re interested in seeing Vero Beach for yourself, call us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites. Book your hotel room today. Visit the city and see what it is that makes the area so special.

Shopping in Vero Beach: The Museum Store

Shopping in Vero Beach: The Museum Store

While you’re on vacation, you might struggle to find a place to buy souvenirs. But there are some unique places for shopping in Vero Beach, and you don’t want to miss them. Be sure to head to the Museum Store and pick up some one-of-a-kind souvenirs.

About the Museum Store

The Museum Store is located in the Vero Beach Museum of Art. While inside the store, you will find a large selection of items inspired by the various collections inside the museum’s walls. There are toys, jewelry, clothing, and many other gifts.

The store is open seven days a week. If you’re a member of the museum, you get a 10% discount on your purchases.

Why Shop at the Museum Store?

When you get souvenirs at beach shops and other stores, they tend to be generic. You can only buy so many magnets or Vero Beach tee shirts. However, the Museum Store is far from generic. They have unique items that you can’t find anywhere else in the country.

Furthermore, your souvenir can be a memory of your visit to the museum. The Vero Beach Museum of Art is a place to explore art from all over the world. Why not capture your memories with a souvenir from the museum store?

The museum and the store are located on Riverside Park Drive in Vero Beach. To visit the museum and do some shopping, you need to start planning your Vero Beach vacation. Call us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites to book your room today.

October 2019 Vero Beach Events: Treasure Coast Marine Flea Market

October 2019 Vero Beach Events: Treasure Coast Marine Flea Market

Ready, set, mark your calendars. On October 12th and 13th, one of the October 2019 Vero Beach events is taking place. The Treasure Coast Marine Flea Market will be taking place and wowing attendees.

About the Treasure Coast Marine Flea Market

The Treasure Coast Marine Flea Market is in

its 10th year. Taking place at the Indian River Fairgrounds in Vero Beach, the event transforms the grounds into a nautical market.

The event attracts boat owners, avid fishermen, scuba divers, and people who love the sea. If you’re a tourist, the market is a great place to visit. You can look for souvenirs and embrace the nautical lifestyle.

In addition to having a ton of nautical items, the market also has some great prices. Marine businesses and private parties have marine antiques, boats, fishing gear, and much more at low prices. There’s something for everyone, and you never know what you’ll come across.

You might find a piece of artwork that you can’t live without or fishing tackle that will bring you good luck. Even if you don’t buy anything, you’ll enjoy the window shopping.

Parking at the flea market is free and you do not need to pay for admission to the market. Therefore, this is one of the most affordable Vero Beach events in October.

If you plan on making it to the market, you should start planning your travel arrangements. When you stay with us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites, you get an affordable hotel in Vero Beach. You also get to stay in a convenient location. Call us today and book your room.

Fall Must-Dos in Vero Beach

Fall Must-Dos in Vero Beach

In the fall, Vero Beach is full of fun things to do. Find out which activities you should do in the fall. Add any one of these to your list of fall must-dos in Vero Beach and you’re guaranteed to have a great vacation.

1. Check Out a Fall Festival

There are plenty of fall festivals in Vero Beach. But if you’re from up North, the festival won’t be like anything you’re used to. In South Florida, the warm weather of October makes it a fun place to celebrate the change of seasons. Check out how the locals like to celebrate the fall and you may fall in love with Vero Beach even more.

2. Get Outside

While the local climate is still warm in the autumn, it’s not so hot that you can’t get outside. Take advantage of the comfortable weather and spend some time outside. It’s the perfect time of year to take a nature trail or go for a long walk on the beach. Whatever you decide to do, you can enjoy the great outdoors.

3. Have an Al Fresco Dining Experience

Dining outside is one of the best ways to enjoy a meal in Vero Beach. Pick one of your favorite restaurants and enjoy al fresco dining at its best. Consider eating at Riverside Cafe, the Red Onion Eatery, or Italian Grill.

Enjoying the Fall Must-Dos in Vero Beach

Will you be visiting Vero Beach in the fall? If so, prepare yourself for some serious fun. Contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites to book your room.

What’s the Best Souvenir from Your Vero Beach Vacation?

What’s the Best Souvenir from Your Vero Beach Vacation?

Although your Vero Beach vacation creates lifelong memories, you might want more than just memories. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a souvenir to bring home. Find out which souvenir you should bring home from your vacation.

A Home Accessory

One of the most useful souvenirs is a home accessory. You can browse the local boutiques for the perfect accent for your living room or bedroom. It might be a decorated piece of glassware, a photo frame, or a statue. In any case, you can proudly display it. Every time you look at it, you’ll be reminded of your fun vacation.

In Vero Beach, there’s a strong art community. You might want to consider buying a piece of wall art as your souvenir. In addition to adding to your home’s decor, it could have value. You might invest in an up-and-coming artist.

A Tee Shirt

While it might sound silly, a tee shirt can be a great souvenir. It’s useful and you can get your money’s worth. Furthermore, you could spark some conversation by wearing your shirt. You never know where you’ll come across other Vero Beach tourists.

Something from a Festival

Often, it’s not about the souvenir, but where you bought the souvenir. You could have something as simple as a keychain that triggers a great memory. While you’re in Vero Beach, you should consider visiting one of the fun local festivals. Then, shop around and pick out your favorite souvenir.

To help you create great memories of your vacation, contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites. Book your stay today.

Events in Vero Beach: Autumn in the Park

Events in Vero Beach: Autumn in the Park

On Saturday, October 5th and Sunday, October 6th, Vero Beach rings in the fall with one of the more fun events in Vero Beach. Autumn in the Park marks the fall season and celebrates the many great artists in the region.

What is Autumn in the Park?

Autumn in the Park is an event that takes place in Riverside Park. The Treasure Coast Pilot Club is the event promoter.

The event celebrates the arts and crafts creators located in Vero Beach and other nearby areas. During the event, there will be a juried arts and crafts show. All of the participants make their items by hand, and there will be no commercial products on display in the show.

In addition to viewing the art show, visitors can enjoy live entertainment and musical performances. If you’re feeling the giving spirit, you can donate blood at the blood-mobile.

Children can enjoy the festival. In addition to gaining an appreciation for art, they can also enjoy the many children’s activities. There will be plenty of food and drinks available at the festival. You can get your taste of local cuisine and welcome fall flavors into your palette.

On each day, the event begins at 9am and ends at 4pm. You can expect quite the crowd. In fact, it’s expected that 4,000 people will attend this year’s event.

Visiting for Autumn in the Park

If you’re hoping to enjoy Autumn in the Park, you need a place to stay. Contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and suites to book your room today.

What You Should Know About Sebastian

What You Should Know About Sebastian

Vero Beach has a lot to offer, but so does Sebastian. On your next vacation to Vero Beach, consider taking a few hours to explore the quaint town of Sebastian.

Why Sebastian?

Sebastian is located between Vero Beach and Melbourne Beach. It’s a great place for exploring the outdoors, heading to the beach, or experiencing something new.

Sebastian is more primitive than many other places. There are over 22,000 acres of wooded areas. You can explore them on bikes, on horseback, or on foot. As you explore, you might come across manatees, rare birds, and endangered reptiles.

Sebastian Inlet is the perfect place for checking out the water. For instance, you can take an eco-tour on a boat and head down the river. If you want to stay on the land, you can walk along the Riverfront. There are several restaurants and other establishments along the water. One of the more popular bars is the Sand Bar Beach Club. While there, you might feel like you are somewhere in the Bahamas. Often, Caribbean music plays in the background.

If you’re looking for seafood, Sebastian can deliver. There are some very fresh seafood restaurants in the town. Have your fill of shrimp, crab, and grouper. If you aren’t a seafood lover, one meal could change that.

After you explore Sebastian, you can head back to Vero Beach. You get the best of both worlds – Sebastian is close by, but you get all the attractions of Vero Beach. Contact the Vero Beach Inn and Suites to learn more.

Beach Day Hacks for a Vero Beach Trip

Beach Day Hacks for a Vero Beach Trip

Your Vero Beach trip probably involves one or two beach days. With these beach day hacks, you can have a day of fun in the sun with minimal stress.

1. Use Talcum Powder

Although there are showers at some beaches, the water doesn’t always remove all of the sand. As soon as you walk out of the water, you could find yourself covered in sand. Fortunately, baby powder could save the day. Just take some talcum powder and rub it on your skin. The sand will rub off and leave your skin sand-free.

2. Don’t Pack Beach Toys; Buy Them

You probably don’t have much room in your suitcase for beach toys. Instead of taking up valuable space in your luggage, you can buy your beach toys when you arrive in Vero Beach. Head to a dollar store or another budget store and pick up a few toys. After your Vero Beach trip, give them to another family.

3. Consider Buying Your Own Beach Chair and Umbrella

You can rent cabanas or beach chairs on the beach in Vero Beach. But you can save money by buying your own beach chair and umbrella. If you’re planning on spending more than a few days on the beach, it could be cheaper for you to buy your own.

Your Vero Beach Trip

If you’re planning a trip to Vero Beach, contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites. Book your room today and enjoy your time on the sand.

Vero Beach Breweries: American Icon Brewery

Vero Beach Breweries: American Icon Brewery

One of the newest Vero Beach breweries, American Icon Brewery has a lot to offer. They have a unique establishment with some incredible beers.

The American Icon Brewery is located in Downtown Vero Beach. Unlike some other breweries, this one is family-friendly. In addition to having craft brews, they also have a full food menu. You could even go so far as to call the establishment a true gastropub.

The establishment was built inside of an old diesel power plant. However, they completely renovated the interior. The owners built 15 barrel brewing systems and have a large seating area. If you’re interested in having an outdoor experience, you can enjoy the outdoor seating area. There, you can play a game of cornhole.

In 2019, American Icon Brewery was voted the best brewery in the Treasure Coast.Therefore, it should be no surprise that they put a lot of love and effort into their craft beers. They’re constantly changing their flavors and always working on improving their products. In many of their brews, they use eco-friendly products.

Whether you go for the food, the beer, or the ambiance, you won’t be disappointed by this one of the Vero Beach breweries. There’s something for everyone.

Staying at a Hotel in Vero Beach

When you stay at a hotel in Vero Beach, you can enjoy some of the attractions and restaurants in the area. The American Icon Brewery is only one of the many great local establishments. Call us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites and reserve your room today.

Recreational Activities in Vero Beach

Recreational Activities in Vero Beach

The warm climate of Vero Beach makes it the ideal place to enjoy recreational activities. And there are plenty of activities from which you can choose. The activities can be split up into water-based and land-based activities.

Water-Based Activities

There are many different water-based recreational activities in Vero. You can snorkel, scuba dive, or swim. If you want to head out into the water, you can go boating, kayaking, or canoeing. You can also try your hand at surfing, skimboarding, and bodyboarding.

Although Vero Beach does have miles of beautiful beaches, there are other ways to enjoy the water. For instance, you can head to a local pool. Many of the pools are well-designed and offer great amenities for kids and adults.

Land-Based Activities

If you want to stay on the land, you’re in luck. There are many land-based activities as well. You can head to the beach for a game of beach volleyball. Or, enjoy a picnic on the beach at a pavilion or picnic table.

Tennis is popular in the town, as is golf. You can stay active by renting a bike and cycling around the area. Another way to stay active is to go for a hike and enjoy the beautiful trails and wildlife.

If you enjoy watching sports, you can check out a local sporting event. The town is often home to surfing contests, golf tournaments, and polo matches.

Ready to Travel to Vero Beach?

The sooner you book your hotel, the sooner you can get to Vero Beach. Contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites and be one step closer to your vacation.