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    Nov 8 . 2 min read

    Four Fun Facts About Vero Beach

    Four Fun Facts About Vero Beach

    Vero Beach is a place that’s always full of surprises. Whether you visit frequently or you’re planning your first trip, there are a few facts you might not know. Check out these four fun facts about Vero Beach.

    1. Archaeologists dug up a bison that was over 13,000 years old

    In 2016, archaeologists unearthed a huge discovery in Vero Beach. Located near the Vero Beach Regional AIrport, the excavation site featured an extinct bison. Testing showed that the bison had been there for 13,000 years.

    2. Decades ago, crossing the wooden bridge cost money

    The wooden bridge is one of the more prominent features of Vero Beach. It has an interesting history. In the 1920’s, you needed to pay five cents to cross it. If you had animals, you needed to pay ten cents. Anyone in a vehicle owed more money.

    3. One Vero Beach former resident is a celebrity

    In 2007, Parvati Shallow won $1 million on the show “Survivor: Micronesia Fans vs Favorites.” In 2010, she was the runner-up in another “Survivor” show. The famous reality television star was raised in Vero Beach.

    4. The Woman’s Club is 101 years old

    The Vero Beach Woman’s Club has a rich history. It’s one of the oldest buildings in Vero Beach. When the building was first built, members sold cabbages to buy books and bookshelves for their library.

    Finding Your Own Fun Facts About Vero Beach

    If you want more fun facts about Vero Beach, start exploring! Contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites and book your room today.

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