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    Oct 10 . 2 min read

    Free Vero Beach Attractions

    Free Vero Beach Attractions

    There are many free Vero Beach attractions you can explore. Before you’re vacation, add these attractions to your must-see list.

    1. Free Saturdays at the Museum

    On the last Saturday of each month, the Vero Beach Museum of Art has free admission for all. You can bring everyone and explore all of the great exhibits the museum has to offer. All of the galleries as well as the sculpture parks are open to visitors. Adults and children alike can enjoy this one of the free Vero Beach attractions.

    2. Round Island Oceanside Park

    This park is one of the newer additions to Vero Beach. It’s free to all and features new restrooms, picnic pavilions, and a playground. Most importantly, it provides you with beach access. You can have a day of fun for no charge.

    3. Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area

    If you like nature, then this conservation area can bring you a full day of fun. The area is ideal for birding. Bring your bird Identification book and your binoculars. After a few hours of watching the skies, you’ll see more birds than you can imagine. While you’re there, you can also learn about the rich history of the area.

    Enjoying Free Vero Beach Attractions

    You don’t need to have an unlimited budget to enjoy your Vero Beach vacation. When you visit these free attractions, you can travel on a tight budget.

    When you stay with us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites, you can also get an affordable hotel in Vero Beach. Contact us for more information about our rates and availability.

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