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Vero Beach Events: Sebastian Lionfish Fest

This May, the calendar is full of fun Vero Beach events. Learn about one of the best fishing events of the year - the Sebastian Lionfish Fest. It’s a May event that is sure to satisfy your need to try some fishing or eat some delicious seafood.

About This One of the Most Enticing Vero Beach Events

The Sebastian Lionfish Fest begins on May 19th and continues on to the 20th. The event kicks off with a fishing tournament on the 19th. As you might expect, it’s a fishing and cooking competition revolving around the Lionfish.

During the fishing tournament, competitors can show off their talents. They compete to catch Lionfish and work hard to win the honor of the best catch.

At the cook- off, chefs prepare Lionfish many different ways. You can watch cooking demonstrations and learn how to prepare the fish yourself. Whether you’re an avid chef or new to the fish, the cooking tournament is an excellent experience.

This one of the more exciting Vero Beach events is also an opportunity to contribute to a good cause. The proceeds from the Lionfish Tournament benefit coastal programs.

Enjoying Vero Beach

If you're interested in attending one of the many Vero Beach events, contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites. We offer luxurious accommodation that allows you to enjoy any local events. You get a great location and a comfortable room. Don't miss out on any of the fishing or cooking fun and book a room with us.



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