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Important Vero Beach Wedding Tips

A beach wedding can be like something from a story book. However, it requires the right planning. Follow these Vero Beach wedding tips to ensure that your beach wedding does not disappoint.

1. Prepare Your Guests

If you plan on having a Vero Beach wedding, then prepare your guests. There are a few details about beach weddings that guests often forget. For example, they often forget that they might need sunglasses or shawls. Remind your guests of any special items that they might need for the beach. Then, your guests can enjoy your wedding day in comfort.

2. Consider Your Dress

Before you fall in love with shoes or a dress, consider how the weather will affect your outfit. If you plan on wearing something loose and flowing, the wind could take it away. You should also consider your shoes. Instead of heels, you might want to opt for fancy sandals. Walking through the sand in high heels is not ideal for any bride. Even your hair needs to be tailored to the beach. Up-dos are better for a Vero Beach wedding; they don’t come undone in the ocean breeze.

3. Plan Out All the Details

It’s easy to overlook something while planning your beach wedding. Be sure to consider every detail, from the reception venue to the music on the beach. In some cases, you might want to hire an experienced wedding planner to take on the job.

Your Vero Beach Wedding

If you’re having a Vero Beach wedding, contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites. Find out how we can help you with your wedding needs. Vero Beach offers multiple venue spaces, catering, and even equipment! Get everything for you're wedding all in one place!

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