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Should You Try SUP Yoga in Vero Beach?

Sometimes, there are two activities that complement each other perfectly. Stand-up paddleboarding and yoga are two such activities. Learn why you should try SUP Yoga in Vero Beach.

What is SUP Yoga?

SUP Yoga is a yoga class that occurs on a stand-up paddleboard (also known as a SUP). Usually, the class occurs on calm water. Instructors lead practitioners through a variety of poses. In many cases, the instructors use hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga poses However, it’s all up to the instructor and the type of yoga they prefer to teach.

Who Can Do SUP Yoga?

Although you might not know much about yoga, you could still try SUP yoga. The sport is appropriate for beginners and experts alike. If you have a hard time standing on the SUP, you could try practicing on the sand first. Additionally, you could also try balancing on the board in a swimming pool.

Most instructors are happy to share their tips and tricks with beginners. Often, it doesn’t take long for someone to be able to handle the balancing involved with this type of yoga.

Trying SUP Yoga in Vero Beach

If you want to try SUP yoga in Vero Beach, then you can head to Paddles By The Sea. They offer a SUP yoga class that is open for individuals of all experience levels. You don’t even need your own board; you can rent one on-site.

Whether you want to try SUP Yoga or you want a different experience, contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites. We can provide you with comfortable lodging in the area.

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