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Things to Do in Vero Beach: Attend a Polo Match

Things to Do in Vero Beach: Attend a Polo Match

When people think of sports, they usually imagine common ones like basketball and football. But Vero Beach is a hub for a less popular, yet equally entertaining sport - polo. Find out why this is one of the best things to do in Vero Beach.

What is Polo?

Those who are familiar with polo might think of it as a sport only for the rich. However, it is far from it. Polo is an exciting game that features people on horseback. The game is similar to field hockey, but the players ride horses as they try to score.

If you’ve never seen polo before, you should take the time to attend a match. The excitement in the air is unlike any other sport, and it’s unforgettable.

Where to Watch Polo

Attending a polo match is one of the many things to do in Vero Beach. Between January and April, you can head to the residential club on Sundays to take in a game. There is a $10 fee for non-members and the action starts at 1:30pm.

However, you can show up earlier for more fun. Typically, people show up to have tailgating parties. It’s a great way to experience Vero Beach at its best.

Enjoying the Things to Do in Vero Beach

Vero Beach is unlike any other place in the world. When you visit, you can enjoy one of hundreds of unique things to do. Whether you attend a polo match or head to the beach, you’ll enjoy yourself. Contact us to find out about booking your seaside vacation today.



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