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Sunburn Relief Tips for Your Vero Beach Trip

Sunburn Relief Tips for Your Vero Beach Trip

If you’re taking a Vero Beach trip, you can expect to get some sun. But you could overdo it. When people don’t use enough sunblock or cover themselves up, they burn. And that burn can keep you from enjoying your vacation. If you find yourself in pain, try one of these tips for sunburn relief.

1. Spray Apple Cider Vinegar and Water on the Burn

You can make your own sunburn relief with a few ingredients you could buy at any grocery store. First, you mix together apple cider vinegar and water in a spray bottle. They should be in an equal ratio. Then, spray the mixture on your burn.

2. Use Cold Yogurt

As strange as it may sound, cold yogurt can relieve your sunburn. All you do is take some yogurt and spread it over the affected area.

3. Lather on the Honey

Honey is also a natural way to help your sunburn symptoms. You need to take the honey and spread it over the area. Then, you must cover it with gauze. Because honey is an antiseptic, it can work wonders on your burn.

4. Wear Loose Clothing

Tight clothes can aggravate your sunburn. Therefore, you should wear clothing that is loose and flowing. Although it might not relieve your burn, it can prevent you from feeling more pain than you need to.

5. Use Chilled Aloe to Prevent Peeling

While you’re on your Vero Beach trip, your sunburn could start peeling. By chilling an aloe vera bottle in ice, you can prevent peeling. Simple ice the aloe and apply.

Avoiding sunburn is a great way to enjoy your Vero Beach vacation. The same is true of staying at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites. Book your room today.



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