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The Best Summer Cocktails for a Beach Vacation

The Best Summer Cocktails for a Beach Vacation

Nothing says “vacation” more than a cocktail on the beach. But some drinks are more beach-appropriate than others. Find out which cocktails you should drink on your beach vacation this summer.

1. Margarita

Margaritas come in many forms, but they usually come frozen or on ice. Either way, they are cool and refreshing. For an extra cooling effect, stick with the traditional lime-flavored beverage. But you can change things up and go for flavors like raspberry or mango.

2. Mojito

Another great summer beverage is the mojito. Traditionally, a mojito is made with mint, rum, sugar, lime juice, and soda water. The combination of mint and lime makes it a cooling beverage. Originally a Cuban cocktail, this drink can handle the heat of any beach vacation. Much like a margarita, you can get different fruit flavors for a twist on this drink.

3. White Sangria

When you’re on the beach, there’s nothing like some fruit to cool you off. A white sangria is the perfect drink for those who want some fruit with the wine. Although there are many different recipes for making white sangria, all of the recipes include white wine and berries. Typically, the drink also includes some lemon and limes for acidity.

Enjoying Your Beach Vacation

Have you planned your summer beach vacation? If not, contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites. Our hotel puts you close to all of the great attractions in Vero Beach. Book your room, make your travel reservations, and grab a drink. The beach is waiting for you.



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