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    Mar 7 . 2 min read

    Skin Tips for Your Vero Beach Vacation

    Skin Tips for Your Vero Beach Vacation

    If you’re planning a Vero Beach vacation, you can expect to have a good time. However, you can also expect to do some damage to your skin. With these skin care tips, you can minimize damage from the sun and the sand.

    1. Use Sun Block

    Of course, the number one tip for good skin care is to use sunblock. Without it, the sun’s rays can harm your skin. In addition to receiving a painful sunburn, you could also develop skin cancer.

    Don’t just stick with any sunblock. Use one with a high enough SPF to protect you. If you’re worried about the grease causing a breakout on your face, you can use a cream designed specifically for your face.

    2. Protect Your Feet

    Many people think that sand is a good exfoliant. And while sand does exfoliate, it can exfoliate too much. To prevent your feet from becoming too dry, you can use moisturizer.

    Before and after your day at the beach, put lotion on your feet. This will keep the sand from doing too much damage.

    3. Cover Up

    One way to prevent sun damage is to cover up. You can wear a hat to keep your face sheltered from the sun. Additionally, you can wear long sleeves to keep your arms protected. They sell long-sleeve rashguards with built-in UV protection.

    Your Vero Beach vacation can be both fun and safe for your skin. Contact us at the Vero Beach in and suites and book your room today.

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