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    Jun 11 . 2 min read

    Staying in the Treasure Coast

    The Treasure Coast is an area full of riches. However, you’ll find more than cultural riches in the area. The name of the coast comes from the treasure that former ships brought into the waters. Find out everything that you should know about staying in the Treasure Coast and the area’s history.

    The History of the Treasure Coast

    Centuries ago, a Spanish armada carried silver from the New World back home. However, a hurricane sent many ships into coral reefs. Then, the treasure was lost to the ocean. Survivors made it to land and attempted to salvage the treasure. Despite grand efforts to regain the treasure, the endeavour was a failure. Much of the treasure remains in the ocean.

    Today, this area is known as the Treasure Coast. Vero Beach is included in that area. With a rich history, Vero Beach provides you with an opportunity to learn about the past. You can explore local museums and learn about what was lost to the ocean.

    Staying in the Treasure Coast

    If you’re more interested in finding treasure for yourself, then you’re in luck. To this day, there is still treasure on the beaches and in the water. If you want to stay on the land, then you can rent a metal detector and check the shore for coins. You can also take to the water and try scuba diving for treasure.

    Whether you’re motivated by a love of history or a love of treasure, staying in the Treasure Coast is rewarding. Contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites and book your Vero Beach hotel with us.

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