The Best Summer Events in Vero Beach

The Best Summer Events in Vero Beach

If you haven’t filled your calendar with summer events in Vero Beach, get your phone out. You can start loading up your summer days with fun events. Find out all about the exciting summer ahead.

Summer Sunday Reggae Series

Every Sunday, Capt Hiram’s Beach Club is the place to go. Between June 2nd and August 25th, the venue is home to the Summer Sunday Reggae Series. You can listen to reggae music as you enjoy some music, food, and companionship. The venue is on the riverfront, which gives you a great view.

Sebastian Lionfish Festival

Every year, the Sebastian Lionfish Festival brings some fun and excitement to Vero Beach. This year’s event takes place on June 23.

The aim of the festival is to control the population of Lionfish in Vero Beach. As an invasive species, Lionfish cause harm to the local marine life. The festival involves a fishing competition as well as a cook-off. Many local restaurants serve dishes with the fish, and you can vote for your favorite.

July 4th Fireworks & Parade

One of the most exciting holidays of the year is July 4th. And in Vero Beach, that fact remains true. The day is fun for the whole family and involves plenty of entertainment. All of the fun begins at 4pm, but it continues on into the evening. At 9pm, the firework show begins.

Enjoying Events in Vero Beach this Summer

The summer is here! If you’re ready for some summer fun, all you need to do is contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites. Call us and get started on your vacation today.

Vero Beach 4th of July Events

If you’re planning on visiting Vero Beach for July fourth, then you’re in luck. The annual City of Vero Beach July fourth celebration is sure to make your holiday memorable. This is one of the most exciting Vero Beach 4th of July events.

The Event

From 4 pm until 10 pm, Riverside Park will be a gathering ground for locals and tourists alike. The park is the venue for this one of the Vero Beach 4th of July events. On the day of the event, admission is free. There is also free parking.

The city brings the special celebration to the park. During the event, various local businesses band together to make the day as special as possible. There will be live entertainment from singers like JessLee, Corbett Jackson, and Leslie Cours Mather. However, the entertainment is not limited to music. There will also be a bounce house, beer garden, and kids activities.

If you’re hoping to eat some great food during the event, then do not fear. There will be many food trucks at the park to satisfy your cravings. Try some of the best local cuisine without leaving the venue.

Of course, no Vero Beach 4th of July events are complete without fireworks. Stay until dark and watch an incredible firework display.

Staying in Vero Beach

If you plan on staying in Vero Beach for this event, then contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites. Get your room today and enjoy the city and its grandeur on the fourth of July.