Vero Beach Art Shows: Scenic Spring

Vero Beach Art Shows: Scenic Spring

Every year, there are multiple Vero Beach Art Shows. This spring, there’s one show you don’t want to miss. At the Galleries at First Pres, you can enjoy the Scenic Spring Show. Learn more about the cultural event.

The First Presbyterian Church isn’t just a place to worship. Inside the church, you can also find an art gallery. Every Monday through Thursday, you can visit the Galleries at First Pres. Between 12:30pm and 3pm, the gallery will showcase the Scenic Spring exhibition. The show runs until June 1st.

Originally, the show opened on April 14th with an opening reception. There were artists on-site to discuss their works. Additionally, there were refreshments available.

There are several local artists showcasing their work in the exhibition. For instance, Jean Archibald has her work on display. Although she started out with graphite pencil art, she changed to watercolor. Many of her art features landscapes and features such as boats and old barns.

Other artists include Pamela Schwartz and Paul Williams. Schwartz uses both acrylic and glazing techniques to make her art. Typically, her works explore human emotion. Williams first worked as a design associate for architectural firms. However, he took up painting when he retired.

Viewing the Vero Beach Art Shows

If you want to explore some of the Vero Beach culture, you should head to an art show. Even if you’re new to the world of art, you might enjoy what you see.

You also may discover a newfound love of art. To explore more of the local culture, contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites. Book your stay with us today.