Don’t Miss Events in Vero Beach: The Vero Beach Pirate Fest

Don’t Miss Events in Vero Beach: The Vero Beach Pirate Fest

The Vero Beach Pirate Fest is a well-known event. In fact, it’s one of the don’t miss events in Vero Beach. Learn more about this year’s event and be sure to attend.

This Year’s Pirate Fest

Although the Pirate Fest is an annual event, it’s different every year. This year, the fun will begin on September 20th and will continue through the 22nd. As the fifth annual event, this year’s Pirate Fest will be an improvement on all of the previous events.

This year, there will be more of a tropical theme. While attending, you can try Caribbean food and enjoy in island-like activities. There will be tropical cocktails and other beverages available. As you sip on your drinks, you can listen to the steel drums playing. Calypso and Reggae music will fill your ears.

Of course, there will be pirates. As you enjoy all of the excitement, you can walk among legendary pirates. Kids can enjoy playing in the Little Buccaneer area, and adults can have some fun of their own. There will be reenactments, vendors, and many games. If you think of yourself as a pirate, you can even join in on a treasure hunt.

This event is fun for all ages. If you’ve never attended a pirate fest before, prepare for an adventure like no other. To enjoy all the fun, start planning your trip to Vero Beach now. Make your flight arrangements and take the time off from work. Contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites and book your room today.

Vero Beach Annual Events: Indian River County Restaurant Week

Vero Beach Annual Events: Indian River County Restaurant Week

As the summer comes to an end, Vero Beach prepares for a busy winter. One of the Vero Beach annual events that marks the start of tourist season is Indian River County Restaurant Week. Here’s what you need to know about the event.

What’s Restaurant Week?

Indian River County Restaurant Week is one of the Vero Beach annual events that’s food-focused. From October 7th through October 22nd, local restaurants give visitors and locals a taste of the local cuisine.

During the event, local restaurants offer special lunch or dinner menus. Typically, the menu is a special one not traditionally offered. Dinners are three-course and prix-fixe. The prices are very affordable and allow diners of most budgets to enjoy a local meal.

Why Attend the Event?

Vero Beach is home to some incredible restaurants. Unfortunately, there is rarely enough time or money to try all of the restaurants. You might only have a chance to visit one during your vacation. But during restaurant week, you can explore some of the area’s best cuisine without breaking your budget.

The event is open to some of the best local restaurants in the area. There’s something for everyone – you can choose from a variety of cuisines. You might find your new favorite restaurant!

Staying in Vero Beach

There are many exciting Vero Beach annual events. If you plan on attending Restaurant Week or any other local event, contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites. Our hotel gives you the chance to live luxuriously while you explore the area.

Vero Beach Attractions: First Friday Gallery Stroll

There’s a long list of Vero Beach attractions waiting for you. Some of those attractions come in the form of monthly events. The First Friday Gallery Stroll is one such event. Find out why you should attend this exciting event.

About the Event

On the first Friday of every month, you can attend the First Friday Gallery Stroll. The event occurs from 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm on Vero Beach’s Main Street. If you want to attend, the price is free.

At the event, there will be many galleries showcasing their featured works by select artists. However, art galleries aren’t the only ones to get in on the fun. Businesses that are not art galleries will also showcase local and regional artwork. You can meet some of the artists and ask them questions about their work.

In addition to viewing artwork, you can enjoy food and drink provided by the participating businesses. There will also be special promotions that give you great deals. To set the mood, there will also be live music.

On a typical day, 14th Avenue is a beautiful day for a stroll. However, on First Fridays, the street is transformed into something you won’t forget for years to come. Between the music, the artwork, and the people, the event is Vero Beach at its best.

Enjoying Vero Beach Attractions

If you plan on enjoying this or any other of the Vero Beach attractions, contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites. Recharge your batteries at our accommodating hotel in Vero Beach.

Vero Beach Events:4th Annual Barefoot Beach Ball

Vero Beach is a casual destination with some upscale offerings. One of the Vero Beach events that showcases this unique combination is the Fourth Annual Barefoot Beach Ball. Find out all about this event.

An Abnormal Formal

The Fourth Annual Barefoot Beach Ballis one of the Vero Beach events that belongs on your calendar. This year, the event occurs on Saturday, July 21st at Waldos Restaurant. It begins at 5:30 pm and continues until 8:30 pm.

This event isn’t your typical formal event. In fact, it’s more like an informal formal. Guests show up in formal but non traditional attire. For example, you could wear a tie with board shorts. At the Barefoot Beach Ball, anything goes.

In addition to observing the attire, you can also listen to some live entertainment. Dave & The Wave will be performing. At sunset, everyone takes a dip in the ocean. However, you don’t wear your bathing suit. You jump in the water fully clothed in your “formal attire.”

The event is free for all to attend. However, you do need to purchase your own food and drinks. The profits go towards the Vero Beach Lifeguard Association, which goes back to the community.

Attending the Vero Beach Events

If you plan attending this or any other Vero Beach events, contact us at the Vero Beach Inn & Suites. After your night of fun, head to your comfortable hotel in Vero Beach. Book your stay with us today and make the most of your time in the area.