Vero Beach Golfing: Tips for Beginners

While you’re in Vero Beach, you might want to try your hand at golf. However, the sport can be intimidating for newcomers. Find out how these Vero Beach golfing tips can improve your skills.

1. Don’t aim right

Instead of aiming right, use dead aim. Your knees, hips, and shoulders should be in straight alignment. When they are, your swing will improve. As you golf, pay attention to your alignment.

2. Work on your posture

In golf, your posture is one of the most important details of your game. Poor posture can throw off your whole game. Be sure to tilt at your hips and avoid tilting at the waist. Your back should remain straight.

3. Have a stance that’s solid

Many beginners make the mistake of having their feet too close together. However, this can be a major problem. You need to have a wide stance with your feet shoulder-width apart. While in your stance, you should feel firm and stable.

4. Practice your grip

For many, Vero Beach golfing is challenging. One of the biggest challenges that new golfers face is their grip. To ensure that you have the right grip, practice it constantly. Eventually, the grip will become natural.

5. Practice at the range

If you want to improve your game, then practice at the range. The range allows you to master all the little details that matter. Then, you can show off on the green.

Vero Beach Golfing

Vero Beach golfing is incredible. If you want to try it for yourself, then contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites.