Vero Beach Art: The Astronomy Photographer of the Year

If you love space or you love art, then you should make a trip to the Vero Beach Museum of Art. Until September 16, the museum will be showing photographs from the 2017 Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition.

About the Exhibit

The Holmes Gallery is home to the celestial photography exhibit. There are over fifty pictures of galaxies, comets, stars, and more in the exhibit. If you want to experience something out-of-this-world, head to this art show.

Since 2009, the Royal Observatory in London has been running the Astronomy Photographer of the Year contest. Anything related to space is allowed in the competition; there are very few limitations and some very unique pictures. In the most recent competition from 2017, there were 3,800 entries. People from over 91 countries participated in the contest.

Some of the entries into the contest were never before photographed. For example, there was a photograph of asteroids and Uranus. Prior to the competition, the two were never photographed together. At the Vero Beach art exhibit, you can view pictures that showcase some incredible astronomical feats.

Viewing the Vero Beach Art

If you want to view the Vero Beach art exhibit, then head to the Vero Beach Museum of Art. The museum features some permanent and temporary art exhibits. Although this exhibit is only temporary, there’s always something exciting to see at the museum.

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Vero Beach Entertainment: The Riverside Theatre

Vero Beach is a small town with some big entertainment.. While the town might not be home to a theatre as large as Broadway, it is home to a quaint theatre that showcases high quality talent. Find out what the Riverside Theatre has to offer and learn about Vero Beach entertainment at its best.

About the Riverside Theatre

Most locals know about the Riverside Theatre. However, it’s a venue of which tourists should also be aware. The theatre features performances from entertainers with some serious talent. Featuring shows like My Fair Lady and Legally Blonde, the theatre has a variety of shows. For years, it has been an integral part of Vero Beach entertainment.

There are several stages available in the theatre. The Main Stage is home to all of the Broadway shows. With over 600 seats in the venue, the Main Stage offers ample room and comfort. If you’re on a budget, balcony seating is available. There’s also an option to buy a season ticket package.

Adult entertainment isn’t the only fun available at the Riverside Theatre. There is a children’s theatre that hosts performances for younger audiences. Former shows include Alice in Wonderland and James and the Giant Peach. In addition to the performances, there are character breakfasts and acting classes.

If theatre isn’t your thing, then you can check out one of the many comedy shows at the theatre. The venue features some of the best and brightest talent both locally and nationally.

Other Vero Beach Entertainment

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