Wheelchair Beach Access in Vero Beach

Wheelchair Beach Access in Vero Beach

Wheelchairs, walkers, and canes limit the ability of individuals to enjoy certain places. This is particularly true at the beach. Without a firm pathway, those with limited mobility can’t enjoy the sand. But there are some places for wheelchair beach access in Vero Beach. Now, there’s one more.

Spoil Islands Wheelchair Beach Access

Several areas in and near Vero Beach have offered limited mobility access for years. But the Spoil Islands have been the exception. Located in northern St. Lucie County, the island is one of the hidden gems of the area. However, there was no easy access to the islands. After boats pulled up to the islands, the only path to the picnic areas was difficult to travel.

Thanks to a $25,000 grant, the Indian River Lagoon Council and several other organizations worked to make the islands accessible. When boats pull up to the island now, mesh mats extend out to help passengers get onto the island. Plastic decks make it possible for the individuals to move around the picnic area. But that’s not all. Even the picnic tables, grills, and fire pits were built to accommodate people with limited mobility.

The Spoil Islands are unlike any other place in the US. Now that it has the wheelchair beach access and other features, it is even more unique. There may not be another island in the US with a similar set-up.

Visiting Spoil Islands

While you’re in Vero Beach, you can make your way to the islands. Contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites to learn more.

Events in Vero Beach: Vero Beach International Music Festival

Events in Vero Beach: Vero Beach International Music Festival

If you want a chance to enjoy some fantastic music in Vero Beach, you should head to the Vero Beach International Music Festival. From Wednesday July 10th through Saturday July 13th, this will be one of the events in Vero Beach you don’t want to miss.

What’s the Music Festival?

The Vero Beach International Music Festival is a music festival that highlights bluegrass, folk, and Americana music. On every day of the festival, there will be live music from performers all around the country. The festivities will take place at the First Presbyterian Church.

Admission to the festival is free. However, there is a suggested donation of $20. The money goes towards the Mike Block String Camp Scholarship. In the past, the performances were so popular that some were standing room only.

On Wednesday and Friday, the performances will occur at 7:30pm. There will be something for everyone – Brazilian, Celtic, and Pop music. On the main stage, you can see performances from Grammy winners as well as international students. During the last performance of the event, there will be a performance by the Mike Block String Camp. There will also be a barn dance. This event will begin at 3pm.

Making the Most of Your Vero Beach Vacation

Are you ready for a Vero Beach vacation? If so, mark your calendar and check out some of the exciting local events. You should also give us a call at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites. Book your stay today and find out first-hand what makes the area so special.

The Best Summer Events in Vero Beach

The Best Summer Events in Vero Beach

If you haven’t filled your calendar with summer events in Vero Beach, get your phone out. You can start loading up your summer days with fun events. Find out all about the exciting summer ahead.

Summer Sunday Reggae Series

Every Sunday, Capt Hiram’s Beach Club is the place to go. Between June 2nd and August 25th, the venue is home to the Summer Sunday Reggae Series. You can listen to reggae music as you enjoy some music, food, and companionship. The venue is on the riverfront, which gives you a great view.

Sebastian Lionfish Festival

Every year, the Sebastian Lionfish Festival brings some fun and excitement to Vero Beach. This year’s event takes place on June 23.

The aim of the festival is to control the population of Lionfish in Vero Beach. As an invasive species, Lionfish cause harm to the local marine life. The festival involves a fishing competition as well as a cook-off. Many local restaurants serve dishes with the fish, and you can vote for your favorite.

July 4th Fireworks & Parade

One of the most exciting holidays of the year is July 4th. And in Vero Beach, that fact remains true. The day is fun for the whole family and involves plenty of entertainment. All of the fun begins at 4pm, but it continues on into the evening. At 9pm, the firework show begins.

Enjoying Events in Vero Beach this Summer

The summer is here! If you’re ready for some summer fun, all you need to do is contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites. Call us and get started on your vacation today.

Vero Beach Art Shows: Scenic Spring

Vero Beach Art Shows: Scenic Spring

Every year, there are multiple Vero Beach Art Shows. This spring, there’s one show you don’t want to miss. At the Galleries at First Pres, you can enjoy the Scenic Spring Show. Learn more about the cultural event.

The First Presbyterian Church isn’t just a place to worship. Inside the church, you can also find an art gallery. Every Monday through Thursday, you can visit the Galleries at First Pres. Between 12:30pm and 3pm, the gallery will showcase the Scenic Spring exhibition. The show runs until June 1st.

Originally, the show opened on April 14th with an opening reception. There were artists on-site to discuss their works. Additionally, there were refreshments available.

There are several local artists showcasing their work in the exhibition. For instance, Jean Archibald has her work on display. Although she started out with graphite pencil art, she changed to watercolor. Many of her art features landscapes and features such as boats and old barns.

Other artists include Pamela Schwartz and Paul Williams. Schwartz uses both acrylic and glazing techniques to make her art. Typically, her works explore human emotion. Williams first worked as a design associate for architectural firms. However, he took up painting when he retired.

Viewing the Vero Beach Art Shows

If you want to explore some of the Vero Beach culture, you should head to an art show. Even if you’re new to the world of art, you might enjoy what you see.

You also may discover a newfound love of art. To explore more of the local culture, contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites. Book your stay with us today.

What You Should Know About Renting a Boat in Vero Beach

What You Should Know About Renting a Boat in Vero Beach

If you’re planning to visit Vero Beach, you should make plans to explore the water. There are many ways to do that, but one if the most exciting ways is to rent a boat. Learn everything you should know about renting a boat in Vero Beach.

How to Rent a Boat

Renting a boat is easier than you might think. You don’t need a boating license or experience. In fact, many rental places allow people to rent as long as they have a driver’s license and will put down a deposit.

After you rent the boat, someone will explain how it works. They will discuss basic boating rules and boat operation. The rental boats are easy to use and fun for all.

While you’re out on the water, you might see some of Florida’s beautiful marine life. Dolphins are commonly found in the ocean, as are some unique bird species. If you want to try some fishing, you can rent poles and get a fishing license before you board.

Tips for Boating

Before you hit the water, be sure to prepare yourself. Pack plenty of sunblock and enough water to keep you and your guests hydrated. You should also pack some snacks. finally, you might want to bring a waterproof bag. You can use it to store for belongings while on the water.

Renting a boat in Vero Beach can be fun for everyone. The same is true of staying in a hotel in Vero Beach. Contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites and make your booking today.

Entertainment in Vero Beach: The Emerson Center

Entertainment in Vero Beach: The Emerson Center

Entertainment in Vero Beach is abundant. The city has a rich culture that you can explore at one of the local venues. For example, the Emerson Center is a great place to go to watch lectures, films, or other entertaining events. Learn more about the center and why you should visit.

What is the Emerson Center?

The Emerson Center is an entertainment venue that operated by volunteers from the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Vero Beach. According to the venue’s website, their mission originates with the philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson. They believe that life is about constantly improving oneself.

Therefore, the Emerson Center aims to help visitors explore history, culture, and current events with a critical eye. The theater is small enough to give everyone an intimate experience. However, it’s large enough to fit about 800 people.

Throughout the year, the Emerson Center hosts many special events. For example, they host shows featuring the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra. In addition to having live musical performances, they also have comedy shows and film showings.

Some of the events at this venue are free. However, others require paid tickets. If there’s an event in which you’re interested, you can check outtheir website for more information.

Other Entertainment in Vero Beach

One of the great things about Vero Beach is its culture. Although many people think of Vero Beach as a quaint seaside town, it is so much more than that. When you visit the Emerson Center and other entertainment venues, you can learn more about that culture. Contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites to book your hotel room today.

Vero Beach Events: ShrimpFest & Craft Brew Hullabaloo

Vero Beach Events: ShrimpFest & Craft Brew Hullabaloo

No Indian River County vacation is complete without attending one of the many Vero Beach events. If you plan on taking a trip to the area, learn more about one of the events you don’t want to miss – the ShrimpFest and Craft Brew Hullabaloo.

About the ShrimpFest

The ShrimpFest is an annual event that occurs in Sebastian, Florida. This year, the event occurs on March 15th, 16th, and 17th. As a free event, it’s a great way to explore local culture without breaking your budget. Even parking at the venue is at no cost to you.

For the fourth year in a row, the ShrimpFest and Craft Brew Hullabaloo will involve food, music, and beverages. There will be a shrimp cook-off, which features entries from local food trucks and restaurants. The winner receives the title of Annual Golden Shrimp Award.

After you eat your fill of shrimp, you can enjoy one of several craft brews and some live entertainment. On the afternoon of the 15th, the festivities kick off with a St. Patrick’s Day party. Kids and adults alike can enjoy the event.

On the 16th, the fun begins at 10 am. When noon rolls around, so will some motorcycles. There will be a special motorcycle ride-in and show. The beer tasting doesn’t start until 1:00pm and costs $35.

Every day of the festival has something unique. If you’re interested in checking it out, contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites. Book your stay with us today and enjoy the Vero Beach events.

Treasure Coast Attractions: The Manatee Observation and Education Center

Treasure Coast Attractions: The Manatee Observation and Education Center

One of the most unique animals of Florida is the manatee. While you might get a glimpse of one in the water, you don’t often get to see them up close. However, the Manatee Observation and Education Center gives you a chance to get up-close with this interesting species. Find out about this one of the Treasure Coast attractions.

What is the Manatee Observation and Education Center?

Located in Fort Pierce, the Manatee Observation and Education Center is a place for you to learn about the splendor of the manatee. The site is in an

area that manatee like to relax, making it a perfect place to view manatees in the wild. No matter what time of the year you visit, it’s possible that you will see a manatee.

The center has an observation walkway and a two-story observation tower for manatee viewing. However, you could also get the chance to see mullet, dolphin, terns, and brown pelicans.

If you show up on the rare day that there are no manatees in the water, you still get quite the experience. The center has information about manatees and other local wildlife. While there, you can learn about Florida’s habitats and ecosystem. You can also enjoy some of the hands-on exhibits.

If you’re interested in plants, you can walk through the garden trail. The center is bringing back some of Florida’s exotic flowers. As their garden grows, they attract butterflies. You never know what you will find in the gardens.

Visiting the Center

The Observation Center only has a $1 admission fee, and children under five are free with a paying parent. Contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites to find out how to enjoy this and other Treasure Coast attractions.

Things to Do in Vero Beach: Attend a Polo Match

Things to Do in Vero Beach: Attend a Polo Match

When people think of sports, they usually imagine common ones like basketball and football. But Vero Beach is a hub for a less popular, yet equally entertaining sport – polo. Find out why this is one of the best things to do in Vero Beach.

What is Polo?

Those who are familiar with polo might think of it as a sport only for the rich. However, it is far from it. Polo is an exciting game that features people on horseback. The game is similar to field hockey, but the players ride horses as they try to score.

If you’ve never seen polo before, you should take the time to attend a match. The excitement in the air is unlike any other sport, and it’s unforgettable.

Where to Watch Polo

Attending a polo match is one of the many things to do in Vero Beach. Between January and April, you can head to the residential club on Sundays to take in a game. There is a $10 fee for non-members and the action starts at 1:30pm.

However, you can show up earlier for more fun. Typically, people show up to have tailgating parties. It’s a great way to experience Vero Beach at its best.

Enjoying the Things to Do in Vero Beach

Vero Beach is unlike any other place in the world. When you visit, you can enjoy one of hundreds of unique things to do. Whether you attend a polo match or head to the beach, you’ll enjoy yourself. Contact us to find out about booking your seaside vacation today.

Where to Go Paddle Boarding in Vero Beach

Where to Go Paddle Boarding in Vero Beach

If you want to go paddle boarding in Vero Beach, you won’t be disappointed. There are some incredible spots for going on a relaxing adventure on the water. Find out which spots you should visit.

1. Wabasso Causeway Park

At Wabasso Causeway Park, you can launch your board from either end of the bridge. The park is only 15 minutes away from the downtown area of Vero Beach. On the windiest of days, this park keeps you protected. If one side of the bridge is windy, the other is calm. Parking is abundant and you can enjoy use of the on-site restroom. Furthermore, there is plenty of marine life. You might find manatees, turtles, and other animals as you paddle along.

2. MacWilliam Park

This park is near the Merrill P. Barber bridge. Much like Wabasso, this site has bathroom facilities. The north of the bridge is a manatee zone, which keeps the boats going slow and makes life easier for paddle boarders. While you’re there, you’re likely to see some manatees and dolphin.

3. Round Island State Park

Located about seven miles from the 17th street bridge, Round Island is a great place to visit for paddleboarding. At this site, manatee and stingray often gather. The site has a sandy bottom, which makes launching your board easy. Like some of the other places to go paddleboarding in Vero Beach, this site protects you from the wind.There are also clean restrooms available.

Are you interested in Paddle Boarding in Vero Beach?

Whether you want to go paddle boarding or just relax at the beach, contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites. Book your stay today.