Vero Beach Watersports: Skimboarding

Vero Beach Water sports: Skimboarding

Although many people think of surfing when they think of Vero Beach water sports, there’s another option for getting your feet water. Skimboarding is a great way to enjoy the water. Find out what you should know about skimboarding in the area.

How Do You Do It?

One of the great things about skimboarding in Vero Beach is that anyone can do it. Whether you’re new to the sport or you’re an expert, the ocean welcomes you.

You can bring your own board or buy them at a local shop. If you’re advanced, you can spend hundreds of dollars on a board. However, novices can find a board for about $20. It might not be enough for you to do tricks, but it will be enough for you to learn on.

You start by watching the waves. When a wave comes in and starts to head back out, you start running with your board. Then, get both feet on your board and ride out with the wave. Don’t expect to be an instant success. You will fall, but eventually, you will get it.

Where to Go

Along the Vero Beach coastline, there are some ideal places for skimboarding. You can head to Monster Hole, Sebastian Inlet, or any other local beach. As long as the sand is smooth and the waves are there, you’ll be able to ride the waves.

Enjoying Vero Beach Water sports

If you want to enjoy all of the Vero Beach water sports, contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites. Stay with us and explore the great beaches.