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    Dani Gallagher
    Mar 6 . 2 min read

    The Advantages of Staying in a Vero Beach Hotel Over a Rental

    When you make the decision to visit Vero Beach, you need to choose where to stay. While some people opt to stay in rental units, others prefer hotels. Find out what advantages you gain by staying in a Vero Beach hotel.

    1. Comfort

    First and foremost, staying in a hotel gives you more comfort. A reputable hotel has comfortable mattresses, plenty of amenities, and places for you to relax. But you can’t be certain what you’re getting with a rental property. Because they are not as regulated as hotels, rental properties aren’t guaranteed to be comfortable.

    2. Service

    When you stay at a hotel, you’re greeted by a receptionist. In addition to giving you access to your room, the receptionist is also able to give you advice on where to go. For instance, they can tell you about the best local restaurants and the most exciting attractions. Instead of guessing where to go, you can get the information from someone who knows the area well.

    3. Affordability

    When you stay at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites, you get affordability. Often, rental properties are expensive and have lengthy minimum stays. But our hotel allows you to enjoy the area for a low price and for your preferred period of time. The savings that you get on your hotel room means you can spend more money on fun events and activities.

    If you’re ready to book your vacation, call us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites. Make your reservation now.

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