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    Jul 7 . 2 min read

    The Best Steakhouse in Vero Beach

    The Best Steakhouse in Vero Beach

    When you’re craving a great steak, you shouldn’t settle for a subpar cut of meat. Instead, you should head to the best steakhouse in Vero Beach.

    1. Vero Prime

    If the idea of a wood-fired steak makes your mouth water, you should make your way to Vero Prime. This steakhouse consistently impresses tourists and locals alike. They have many different cuts of steak from which you can choose. If you’re not in the mood for red meat, you can try some of their freshly caught seafood. The restaurant isn’t only known for its high quality food. The service here is also impeccable.

    2. The Wave Kitchen & Bar

    Also located in Vero Beach, this restaurant is a unique twist on a steakhouse. They have an open kitchen and allow guests to customize their dishes. You can choose the preparation type, sauce, and temperature of your entree. Like many other steakhouses, this one also has some fantastic seafood selections. The restaurant can impress even the most discerning of pallets.

    3. Ocean Grill

    If you want a beautiful outdoor view while you enjoy your steak, then Ocean Grill is the place for you. The establishment is rich in history and rich in flavor. On the menu, you can find some tasty local seafood dishes, fresh cuts of meat, and more.

    Plan Your Vero Beach Vacation

    If you’re ready to plan your Vero Beach vacation, contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites. Stay with us and get the comfort you deserve while you’re enjoying the beauty of the town.

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