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    Dani Gallagher
    Dec 6 . 2 min read

    The Importance of a Good Mattress in Your Vero Beach Hotel

    When you don’t sleep well, you suffer in many ways. Unfortunately, many people don’t get enough sleep while they’re on vacation. If your Vero Beach hotel has a good mattress, you may be able to get enough rest. Learn the importance of sleeping on a good mattress.

    1. It’s Hard Enough to Sleep in Hotels

    Many people struggle to sleep in hotels. Because you’re in a new surrounding, you might find it difficult to rest. New lights and sounds can keep you awake all night. However, a comfortable mattress means you may be able to fall asleep quickly.

    2. Reduce the Chance of Back and Neck Pain

    If you’re on an old and uncomfortable mattress, you’re likely to experience back and neck pain. This could keep you from enjoying your vacation. Instead of being active or relaxing on the beach, you might be hunched over in pain. With a new mattress, you improve your chances of having a pain-free vacation.

    3. Sleep Less and Explore More

    If you’re well-rested, you can spend less time sleeping and more time exploring. Seven hours of great sleep is better than nine hours of terrible sleep. If you’re on a new mattress, you’re more likely to have a good night.

    The Vero Beach Inn and Suites have new mattresses in all of our hotel rooms. We understand the importance of a good night’s sleep, and we want you to be well-rested. To find out more about our hotel, give us a call today. Book your room and test out a mattress for yourself.

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