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    Jun 11 . 2 min read

    Three Tips for Fishing in Vero Beach

    If you love fishing, then Vero Beach will not disappoint. Whether you want to fish on the ocean or on a lake, you can find plenty of prime fishing locations. Check out these three tips for fishing in Vero Beach to help you enjoy your fishing adventures.

    1. Use the Right Bait

    When you’re fishing, the right bait can make all of the difference. Do some research and try to find out which bait you need for the ultimate fishing in Vero Beach. In many cases, live bait is better than a lure. If possible, get some live bait. Many bait shops sell live shrimp, which works well for salt-water fishing.

    2. Get Your Licenses in Order

    Many visitors to the area don’t realize that you need a fishing license to go fishing in Vero Beach. Without one, you could face a fine. Instead of ending your vacation with high fine, plan ahead and get your licenses. Keep in mind that there are separate licenses for salt-water and fresh-water fishing. Get the right license, order it online, and print out your paperwork. Then, start catching some fish!

    3. Use the Right Equipment

    Fishing isn’t only about having the right bait. It’s also about having the right equipment. If you use fishing line that isn’t strong enough, the big fish will bite through your line. Likewise, a small hook won’t work for large fish.

    Other Vero Beach Adventures

    Whether you go fishing in Vero Beach or you plan on having other adventures, contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites.

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