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    Jul 7 . 2 min read

    Tips for Flying to Vero Beach with a Child

    Tips for Flying to Vero Beach with a Child

    Traveling with kids has its rewards, but it isn’t easy. This is especially true for flying. If you plan on flying to Vero Beach with a child, you might have concerns about keeping them entertained. And those concerns are valid. With these tips, you can make your flight easier for everyone.

    Bring New Toys

    Before your trip, go to a dollar store and do some shopping. Buy many small items and don’t tell your child about them. On the day of your trip, pack them in a carry-on bag. Once your child starts to get antsy, you can give them a toy. Let them open it from the package, and it will kill even more time. When they get bored, switch to another toy.

    Bring Headphones

    There is usually some sort of in-flight entertainment. But if you forget your headphones, your child can’t enjoy it. Be sure to pack a pair of headphones for your little one. As soon as you take off, they can start enjoying television or a movie.

    Come with a Fully Charged Phone

    While you’re on the plane, your phone could be the only thing keeping your child from bouncing off the walls. Download a few games or movies to your phone. However, the most important piece of the puzzle is to bring a charging cable or fully charge your phone. This will prevent you from losing a great way to entertain your child.

    After your flight, you can stay in comfort at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites. Contact us and book your room today.

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