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    Aug 7 . 2 min read

    Tips for Shelling on Vero Beach

    Tips for Shelling on Vero Beach

    While you walk the beaches on your vacation, you’re likely to come across a few shells. Those shells can make great souvenirs of your trip. By following these tips for shelling on Vero Beach, you can collect beautiful shells for your home.

    1. Don’t Collect Live Shells

    The biggest mistake you could make is to collect live shells. In addition to killing a living creature, this is often against the law. You should always look inside a shell before keeping it. If it’s alive, place it back where you found it and look for another one.

    2. Go Early

    The earlier you go to the beach, the better. Typically, the morning low tide is the perfect time to look for shells. You can look online to find out when the tide is at its lowest. By heading out early, you can also get to the beach before it becomes crowded. You are likely to find more shells and get the added benefit of some peace and quiet.

    3. Be Patient

    Shelling takes time. Although you might be eager to find shells, don’t rush it. Enjoy the walk along the beach and be patient. The longer you spend looking, the more likely you are to find a beautiful shell. This could mean walking for awhile along the beach. If you stay in the wet sand, you’ll eventually come across some shells.

    Ready for Shelling on Vero Beach?

    Are you excited to collect some one-of-a-kind shells? If so, contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites. Book your room with us today.

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