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    Dani Gallagher
    Mar 6 . 2 min read

    Top Free Activities in Vero Beach for 2020

    There are tons of ways to enjoy your Vero Beach vacation on a budget, and some of those ways involve spending no money at all. Learn about the best free activities in Vero Beach for 2020 and save money on your vacation.

    1. Snorkel a Wreck

    If you bring your own snorkel gear and have transportation, you can snorkel the Beconshire Wreck for free. Because the site is so close to shore, you don’t need to book a costly tour or boat rental to make it to the wreck. Once you swim out to the wreck, you can explore the old ship and watch the vibrant marine life.

    2. Take a Self-Guided Lagoon Tour

    Measuring 156 miles long, the Indian River Lagoon is made up of three smaller lagoons. In each one, you’ll find amazing wildlife and unique plants. With over 2,000 plants and animals in the lagoon, the area has plenty for you to see. View it all from the shore or pay a small fee to rent a kayak or paddle board and watch the animals as you’re out on the water.

    3. Do Window Shopping

    If you want another free activity, you should do some window shopping. Head to Ocean Drive and spend the day looking at what the local boutiques have to offer. There are several galleries, souvenir shops, and clothing stores for you to peruse. If you get bored of shopping, you can always take a break and head to the beach.

    Book Your Vero Beach Hotel Room

    You can have an affordable Vero Beach vacation, but it takes some planning. Be aware of the many free activities in Vero Beach and stay at an affordable hotel, like the Vero Beach Inn and Suites. Book your hotel room today for savings.

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