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    Nov 8 . 2 min read

    Vero Beach Breakfast Options

    Vero Beach Breakfast Options

    It’s likely that your Vero Beach vacation is packed with fun activities. However, you need energy to enjoy those activities. And that means eating a full breakfast before you explore the area. Learn about some of the best Vero Beach breakfast options.

    1. The Lemon Tree

    The Lemon Tree is a quaint cafe that sits across from the picturesque beach. In addition to a beautiful background, the cafe also boasts some incredible food. Whether you arrive early or late, you can enjoy breakfast all day.

    The atmosphere makes this cafe one of the best Vero Beach breakfast options. Try the crab cakes benedict or the smokey cheesy southern grits.

    2. Cravings

    What breakfast is complete without pastries? Cravings is a bakery that serves up some delicious baked goods, like cream cheese and honey croissants. They also serve hot breakfasts that don’t disappoint. Try one of their egg and cheese sandwiches for a breakfast that satisfies your hunger.

    Cravings is also well-known for their coffee. If you need your daily dose of caffeine, be sure to try one of their coffees. They serve frozen blended coffee as well as standard cups of coffee.

    3. Your Hotel

    Here at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites, we know the importance of a healthy breakfast. For that reason, we offer a complimentary breakfast buffet to all of our guests. The buffet is loaded with both hot and cold breakfast options. You can eat enough to keep you fueled for your adventures.

    Are you ready to book your Vero Beach vacation? Contact us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites.

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