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    Jan 8 . 2 min read

    Vero Beach Day Trip: Merritt Island

    Vero Beach Day Trip: Merritt Island

    There’s enough to do in Vero Beach that you don’t need to venture far on your vacation. However, you might consider taking a Vero Beach day trip to Merritt Island. Learn more about the island and why you should make the hour drive to visit.

    What is Merritt Island?

    Merritt Island is an unincorporated town. Located on the largest island in Florida, Merritt Island has a lot to offer.

    If you like space travel, you might know of this Vero Beach day trip. The island is home to the Kennedy Space Center. By visiting the museum, you can learn about the past, present, and future of space travel. The Space Center features a visitor’s complex that has many interactive displays. For a simulated trip into space, you can try the Shuttle Launch Experience. You might even get the chance to meet a real astronaut.

    Although the Kennedy Space Center used to launch rockets, they do not anymore. That said, you might still get a chance to watch a rocket take off. The Cape Canaveral Air Force Station sometimes launches rockets.

    Merritt Island isn’t only for those who love space. On the island, you can also find the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. With over 140,000 acres of nature, the sanctuary allows you to see Florida’s wildlife. You can do some bird watching or be on the lookout for snakes.

    Making a Vero Beach Day Trip

    If you’re on a vacation in Vero Beach, you should consider making a trip to Merritt Island. Whether you love space or nature, you can enjoy the island. Call us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites to book your room today.

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