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    May 11 . 2 min read

    Vero Beach News: Vero Beach Nominated for Happiest Seaside Town

    If you’ve ever been to Vero Beach, then you know that it’s a happy place. However, you might not realize that it’s one of the happiest places in the country. According to Coastal Living, Vero Beach is one of the happiest seaside towns in the country. This piece of Vero Beach news gives you even more reason to make your way to the area.

    The Happiest Seaside Town

    When Coastal Living ranks the happiest seaside towns, the publication takes the task seriously. And so, the fact that Vero Beach ranked as one of the top ten finalists for happiest seaside town is a significant honor.

    The director of tourism at the Indian River County Chamber of Commerce is excited about the honor. Recently, another Indian County town won the title. She was excited about the prospect of having two towns in the same county earn the honor.

    The final tally for the votes does not come in until June 12. However, the town can take pride in the nomination alone. If it wins the title, then it is only confirms what tourists already know – that the area is a special place.

    Experiencing this Vero Beach News for Yourself

    If you want to experience this Vero Beach news for yourself, then plan a visit. You can find out what it is that makes Vero Beach such a happy and special place. Take in the beautiful beaches and enjoy the dining. Then, stay with us at the Vero Beach Inn and Suites

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