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    Aug 7 . 2 min read

    What You Should Know About Traveling with Pets in Vero Beach

    What You Should Know About Traveling with Pets in Vero Beach

    Your dog might not just be a furry friend. For many, dogs are part of the family. This means you probably don’t want to leave Fido home when you’re on vacation. If you’re traveling with pets in Vero Beach, you can still have a great vacation. Find out what you should know before you go.

    Vero Beach Loves Dogs

    In Vero Beach, people tend to love pets. As you walk down the street, you’re likely to come across many happy dog-owners and their pets. Many stores will allow you to enter with your dog. However, be sure to check signs before entering an establishment.

    Some Beaches Don’t Allow Dogs

    Most of the beaches in Vero Beach are not dog-friendly. If you want to bring your pup to the beach, you need to head slightly north by the Sebastian Inlet. Be sure to bring plenty of water for them and a spare towel.

    Not All Hotels are Pet-Friendly

    Obviously, you should look for a pet-friendly hotel in Vero Beach. While the city tends to be animal-friendly, not all hotels allow dogs. Even if a hotel allows dogs, they might charge high rates for them to come.

    Before you choose a hotel, do some research. Find out about pet-friendly hotels in the area and don’t take any risks. If you try staying in a hotel that doesn’t allow dogs and you sneak one in, you could be kicked out or charged additional fees.

    The Vero Beach Inn and Suites is a pet-friendly hotel in Vero Beach. Stay with us and enjoy comfort for you and your pet.

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